Pasta ‘ncaciata (Messina- Sicily)

The pasta ‘ncaciata is a typical and ancient Sicilian recipe, particularly from the Messina area.

Where I live (Catania) we don’t cook it very often but Pasta ‘Ncaciata  is a recipe that deserve to be told  because it contains:  tradition, culture and so much love.

Mince 200 g (17 oz) of mixed meat (beef and pork) flavored in oil, steam with ½ glass of red wine, then pour 1 small cup of already made sauce. Boil 500 g of maccheroni and season in a soup tureen with 2 or 3 small cups of tomato sauce. Place one layer on an oven dish and pour some ragù, slices (or cubes) of fried eggplants, basil leaves, tuma in slices (tuma is a typical Sicilian cheese, with a quite strong taste), pieces of sausage (or salame), slices of boiled eggs and abundant grated pecorino cheese that will be the thickening of the ingredients.
Add another layer of pasta (even a third one, if you dare…) and proceed like the first. Put in a super heated oven for 15-20 minutes.

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