On Fluster Magazine (my interview)

Fluster Magazine interviewed me and it was really like  a nice chat with friends. If you wanna read it click here>>>

You’re living in Wonderland, how is it down there? Is it almost Spring like in our gray World?

I must say there are no more old-timey White Rabbits and now to keep up their pace they have coloured rubber wrist-watches instead of silver turnips. The Mad Hatter is using disposable cups and wearing lycra hats, easily washed with a washing machine. The Queen of Hearts has become incurably romantic and doesn’t abuse anyone anymore.
It’s not the same as once was, but you get used to it, in the end.
You just need to grab a bucket of paint and throw it on the gray. It’s hard, you know, but you can try.

Of all the things you do, what is your favourite one? The one you’d always want to do first thing in the morning?

Drawing. Always and only drawing. it’s an oath. I once stopped doing for a long time and i think it’s been the worst period of my existence.

I have to ask, is there anything you don’t do or are you Wonder Woman?

I’m lucky. I believe i need to make this absolutely clear. My father always told me one needs to deserve luck and you never have to exploit it, but you have take the most of it. I’m a spoiled only daughter who nevere had to give anything, because i got too much love. I had too much of everything. I knew I didn’t want to be someone who lazily reveled in her good luck. I didn’t want me to just be my family name in this little reality I live in, I wanted my dream to come true.
It was drawing, trying to get a smile out of people. Telling the stories i always had in my mind and the characters that come keep me company at night, in my dreams.
But I swear I’m not Wonder Woman or any other heroine. I’m just a girl who lost a lot of time and is now trying to make up for it, because, despite what the White Rabbit always says, it’s never too late.

Do you ever sleep for more than 6 hours per night?

For a long time I slept for more than 12 hours per night, it was when I wasn’t drawing, and I cast that part of me away, but I never really destroyed it. I now sleep almost less than 6 hours a night. And even when I do, I’m still working, because that’s when the characters of my stories come to me; right on time to plan my next day. A visual dreamy organizer, you could say.

Reading each one of your posts is like going to a different world, you write a lot, like a flooding river, washing away with you your reader. How much do you enjoy it?

This praise is overwhelming, so a thousand times thank you. What i feel is almost like a raptus. I never read what I write and I don’t plan it. I just it and begin to write, like I am in some kind of a trance. It couldn’t be any different, considering that all I write on the web is about a twelve percent of what I strum on my keyboard every day (I had to abandon the piano for this). I spend a lot of time on my characters, whom I never published online if not in part with my stories; there are also a lot of projects that, with a little effort (but a lot of happiness), I’m trying to bring on. It’s like Alice falling in the hole. She finds cups, keys, glasses, platypuses, animals and oddities. Who’s falling with me will find words, memories, polaroids, visions.
I’m not a good writer and I have no technique. I don’t have precise grammar constructs and I think it’s clear I have problems with the consecutio temporum, but i believe I don’t write well, forgive me if I disagree with you. I just write. I do it with no expectation and without thinking. I thorw up my pains and my joys, letting me disclose myself. First of all to myself. It’s a therapy I’ve been forcing on myself for some time now.

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