Welcome on Gikitchen !

 Hello I’m Giulia  but my friends call me Iaia, and there is a small biography  here. Everything is under costruction here and many things do not work or are still empty, I’m sorry!

 Maghetta Streghetta is my comic alter ego. Maghetta Streghetta in Italian means witch. I chose this nickname because as a child I always dreamed of, like all the girls, waving a wand to disappear and then reappear and make dreams come true.

I decided, after much hesitation and concern,  to open the English section of my blog. I am a perfectionist and I hate not doing things right. I do not speak English very well and for this reason I have delayed until now. My friends on instagram,  from all over the world,  have asked me to do this to read the recipes and my silly things about illustrations and drawings.  I apologize for my bad English but I hope that somehow you will  understand.

When I was eight years old I spent  the most enjoyable and unforgettable  New Year’s Eve  of my life. I was in a hotel in Palma de Mayorca named Guadalupe, with my mum and dad.

As always I had my bag and my paper notebook  to draw and take notes. That night I drew the clothes of people dancing and some faces I saw. I met a Japanese child  but I  can not remember the name unfortunately. We could not understand our  words but we did with pictures and smiles. At that exact moment I understood that it wasn’t important the language we spoke but instead the will to communicate our emotions, even with pencil and paper only. That night I asked, together with my beautiful Japanese friend,  all the people to write or draw  something on  that book so I could have a piece of the world  with me forever.

 Many years have passed since then but I strongly believe that drawings,  even in their simplest form, are universal means to communicate   smiles and dreams.

That ‘s why every day I make small drawings and share them with the world of instagram. I cannot speak many languages  but I hope to speak the language of dreams.

This is my Kitchen. It is not a food blog but it is full of drawings, notes, smiles, pains and dreams.
It’s a kitchen open to everybody. In this kitchen you can drink coffee (many), drink and eat dreams and also speak emoji language only ^_^ !
I hope you  will be happy  in my kitchen as I really hope not to make too many mistakes in English.
I  hug  and thank you for the constant love that you give me on instagram and from all over the web.
Welcome to Gikitchen!
Why Gi? Because he ( my infinite love) calls me so  but  you  can call me Iaia because all my friends call me so. Iaia is the name given by me when I was a child.
Let’s start! It’s a Neverending New Year’s Eve !
On  the App Store  you can download my app “Gikitchen” for free. It ‘s still under construction but I’m working on it! I hope you like it!
Thanks ! Thanks a lot !♥

21 thoughts on “Welcome on Gikitchen !

  1. Racing in two different championships, one of which is abroad, is gonna be a challenge… But I’ll be here and there and everywhere, and no matter what the final result will be, you and I know that I am the first one. Better than that, I am the thousandth man.

    E mo’ te vojo… 😀

    • I feel a bit stupid in saying the same things here and there, but at the end of the day it’s a new game, and you know how much I like to play with you in your backyard!
      What I want to tell you is to remember 900, because it’s an extremely meaningful number to start. Hugs&kisses hon. You don’t have the faintest idea of how much I’m proud of you.

  2. Honey I’m very proud of you. First of all, for your courage and than for your great talentin the art of “cazzeggio” 😉
    (Ahem no. Questa è meglio se non la traduco!)
    I like this new Gikitchen English Version to spread the doctrine
    in all the world of yours little rabbits and hearts and lovely momiji and nice pictures and draws of lovely alter ego and good recipes. I love Iaiaworld and hope all others loves it too!

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